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Over a four month period you will have classes on Seventh-day Adventist Evangelistic Preaching; What Seventh-day Adventists Believe, Preparing the Church and Community for Public Evangelism, and then all the aspects of conducting an evangelistic series. About a month into the program we leave the Wildwood campus and move into a community somewhere here in the Southern Union. There we will live and hold a month-long evangelistic series. Some classes and field ministry work will continue during the day. This provides  experience in itinerant ministry.

After your four months are completed you will be exposed to overseas mission work in some of the neediest areas of the world field.  

During the following month you will have the opportunity to conduct an evangelistic series on your own here in the vicinity of Wildwood/Metro Chattanooga. During your training period you will have been working closely with an assigned church to implement the preparation concepts that you were learning. Now the church has been prepared and you will gain the experience of presenting the gospel and leading people to Christ.

For the first four months of the course (August to November) you will be in the classroom and in the field. During January you will have the option of an overseas mission. Then during February you will begin your own evangelistic series here at home. After that you will be sent out to hold meetings wherever the Lord calls you.

PROCLAIM is located on the beautiful campus of Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital and works closely with the College of Health Evangelism also located here. Work study opportunities are available. Please prayerfully look over the brochure, read the student handbook, fill out the application and anticipate a great experience!